Collins Hall

Originally called Building C, this facility was built between 1970 and 1972. The 71,000-square-foot building originally contained the library, also called the Learning Resources Center (LRC), communications lab, audiovisual center, counseling, admissions and records, and a student lounge. The building was renamed after Ruby Collins Sweigart, a 19-year member of the Board of Trustees, in July 1981. At that point, LRC began to be used to refer specifically to the Library, while Collins Hall began to refer to the building as a whole. The building was renovated in 1983 and again in 1991-92. Three classrooms were converted to the testing center in 1987-88.
A view of Collins Hall looking north from the southwest corner of the building.  The statue called "Learning" would later be placed roughly between the picnic table and tree to the left.  The skywalk to Weigel Hall is visible in the distance.Collins Hall viewed from the walking path to the southwest.  Both Lake Huntoon and Weigel Hall are barely visible on the left.A view of Collins Hall through the trees during spring.A view of Collins Hall from across Lake Huntoon in the winter of 1987.A view of Collins Hall from the future site of Akerlow Hall, shortly after the exterior of Collins Hall was finished.A view of Collins Hall from across Lake Huntoon shortly after the building was completed.The construction of Collins Hall, most likely taken between 1970-1.


The Library-Archivist can be contacted via phone at (630) 466-7900 ex. 6639.