The Boys of Spring: Chiefs Baseball 1968-2005

Baseball has a long history on this campus, being one of the two original sports established at WCC in the 1967-8 academic year.  This exhibit, though by no means exhaustive, gives an overview to the success of Chiefs Baseball from its inception in 1968 to 2005.

The photographic record of this sport is particularly strong, including portraits, action and team photographs. Other materials include programs, rosters and a history of the sport on campus written by Coach Dave Randall. Contact the College Archivist for more information.



  -First competition.

  -Bill Prince head coach.

  -Home field was Solfisburg Park, Aurora (Solifsburg Park is the current home field of Aurora University).


  -Sugar Grove campus field opened.

  -Skyway Conference formed; Waubonsee was among the original members.

  -Gary Edwards (OF) was the first professional signing from Waubonsee; he signed with the Chicago Cubs.


  -Future coach Dave Randall began playing career.


  -Dave Randall named team captain.

  -First southern trip to Memphis, TN.

  -Made the quarterfinals of NJCAA Region IV (state).

  -Prince developed Region IV Computerized Stats.

  -Gus Harvell (1B) was the first All-Region IV All-Star from WCC, as well as Skyway Conference MVP, and went on to play for Eastern Illinois University.

  -Set team records for home runs, and strike outs (pitching).

  -Gary Oros led NJCAA in strike outs.


  -Ranked in the NJCAA national standings for the first time at #20.

  -Dan Butts (OF), and Gary Oros (LHP) were All-Region IV All-Stars; and both would go on to play for Northern Illinois University.

  -Lowest team ERA (2.38).


  -Skyway Conference Champions; finished second in Region IV.

  -Rick Hollarbush (RHP) and Steve Smart (LHP) were All-Region IV All-Stars; Smart continued his career at Western Michingan University.

  -10 game win streak.


  -Randall became assistant coach.


  -Randall became head coach.


  -Won Sectional title; made Region IV Finals.

  -Bob Miller (SS) was an All-Region IV All-Star.

  -John McQuade (RHP), who had also played for Elmhurst College, signed with L.A. Dodgers.


  -Todd Stevenson (2B) was an All-Region IV All-Star.


  -Lou Griffey (LHP) was an All-Region IV All-Star and Skyway Conference MVP, and went on to play for Birmingham-Southern College.


  -Tom Thill (2B) and Jay Torry (OF) were All-Region All-Stars; Torry continued his career at Western Illinois University.


  -Skyway Conference Champions.

  -Team captain James E. Meier (Plano) died in an auto accident during fall ball; the baseball field was named after him the following spring.

  -Randall became athletic manager.

  -Ron Miller (OF) was an All-Region All-Star.

  -Ron Miller signed with S.F. Giants, Lou Griffey signed with Independent Minors.


  -Tom Miller (RHP) was an All-Region All-Star with the lowest single season  ERA (1.01) in Waubonsee history, and continued his career at Lewis University.

  -Jim Nichols named NJCAA Academic All-American.


  -Gregg Chione (OF) was an All-Region IV All-Star.

  -Jeff George (RHP) signed with the N.Y. Mets.


  -Jeff George (RHP) and Chris Hess (OF) are All-Region IV All-Stars; Hess continued his career at Western Illinois University.


  -Skyway Conference Champions (12-1).

  -Tom Gramly (RHP) and Boyd Prucha (1B) were All-Region IV All-Stars; Gramly also was conference MVP, while Prucha went on to play for St. Xavier College.


  -Craig Lee (LHP) was an All-Region IV All-Star, and later played for Northeastern Illinois University.


  -Dave Medlin (RHP) was an All-Region IV All-Star, and went on to play for Lewis University.


  -Randall named Region IV baseball chairman.

  -Rich Johnston (RHP) and Dean Culotta (OF) were All-Region IV All-Stars; both later played for the University of New Orleans.


  -NJCAA split into divisions; WCC was placed in D-III and ranked #8.

  -Dave Dettman (OF) and Chris Stockley (2B) were All-Region IV All-Stars; both continued their careers at the University of Montevallo.

  -Marty Reynolds (OF) and Jason Gogo (LHP) signed with the Independent Minors.


  -Ranked #4.

  -Tony Huntley (SS), Brock Morrison (OF), Mike Chally (C) Dan Crawford (P) and Charlie Specht (1B) were All-Region IV All-Stars; Morrison continued his career at Northern Illinois University, Crawford at William Penn/Aurora University, Chally at Trinity College, and Huntley at University of Mississippi.

  -Brock Morrison and Tony Huntley signed with the Independent Minors.

  -Billy Ogles named NJCAA Academic All-American.

  -Highest winning percentage (.640).

  -Joey Yager led NJCAA D-III in strike outs.


  -Ranked #15.

  -First trip to Florida.

  -Charlie Specht became WCC’s first two-time All-Region IV All-Star.

  -Charlie Specht (1B), Mike Toma (CF), Joey Yager (RHP),  Mitch Hattan (3B) were All-Region IV All-Stars; Specht went on to play for Carthage College, Toma for Aurora University, and Yager for Upper Iowa University.

  -Steve Schwartz (RHP) was drafted by the Houston Astros.


  -Ranked #13.

  -Chad Palmer (2B), Dan Babler (3B), Bart Hill (OF), Jamie  Callmer (SS), Mike Armitage (OF) were All-Region IV All-Stars; Palmer and Armitage went on to play for Minot State University.

  -Derek Santiago (RHP) signed with the Florida Marlins.

  -Record for assists.


  -Region IV Champions, second in NJCAA Finals in Batavia, NY (3-2).

  -Randall’s 400th coaching victory; Randall was honored by the Chicagoland Pitch & Hit Club as Junior College Coach of the Year.

  -Dan Babler (3B), Lance Surridge (P/1B), Jeremy Birdeau  (P/IF) were All-Region IV All-Stars; Surridge continued his career with University of North Carolina-Greensboro, and Babler with Aurora University.

  -Lance Surridge later signed with the Boston Red Sox.

-School records for hits, games played, RBI’s, and total bases.


  -Ranked #12.

  -Jeremi Van Dyke (C), Bob Stehman (3B), Brett Duck (SS),  Chris Cellini (OF) are All-Region IV All-Stars; Duck continued his career at Cardinal Stritch and Stehman for the University of Missouri-St. Louis.


  -Ranked #7.

  -Randall resigned as Region IV baseball chairman.

  -Skyway Conference Champions, and Region IV, D-III Champions.

  -Rodger Souders (P), Ryan Schroeder (OF), Jesse Foley (OF),  Bob Stehman (3B), Jeremi Van Dyke (C) were All-Region IV All-Stars; Souders went on to play for Lindenwood College.

  -Bob Stehman was Skyway Conference MVP and still holds 6 single season  records and 5 career records including batting average (.500 in 1998, .478  career).

  -Records for doubles, triples, batting average (.338), and home runs.


  -Ranked #12.

  -Ryan Schroeder (OF), Joe Hoffmann (SS), Jake Edwards (C),  Brian Anderson (OF) were All-Region IV All-Stars; Hoffman went on to play for Lindenwood University, Anderson for Briar Cliff, and Edwards for Lipscomb/St. Xavier.


  -Randall’s 500th victory.

  -Brian Anderson (OF) was an All-Region IV All-Star.

  -Ranked #8.

  -Dan Reineke signed with the Independent Minors, and also played for the University of Cincinnati.


  -Randall inducted into Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

  -Ranked #10.

  -Brad Unger (C), JR Velez (SS) were All-Region IV All-Stars; Unger later played for Elmhurst College and Velez for Aurora University.

  -Shane Cummins named NJCAA Academic All-American.


  -Ranked #15.

  -Shaun Wenz (OF) was an All-Region IV All-Star.

  -Shaun Wenz and Jake Howells named NJCAA Academic All-American; Wenz went on to play for St. Vincent University and Howells for Hillsdale College.


  -Prince inducted into Skyway Conference Hall of Fame.

  -Ranked #9.

  -Rob Pfaff named NJCAA Academic All-American.


  -Mike Wolf (2B), Chris Barrett (OF), Kory Lynch (P) were All-Region IV All-Stars; Wolf continued his career for Mt. Mercy College.

  -Set record for double plays.

  -The highest scoring game in school history was played; a 32-25 victory over South Suburban in a wind of 30mph with 50mph gusts.


  -Randall inducted into Region IV Hall of Fame.

  -Randall wins 600th game.

  -Pre-season ranked #4.

  -School record 36 win season; also records for runs scored, stolen bases, fielding percentage (.952).

  -Randall selected to the NJCAA Coaches Committee.

  -Jeremy Broitzman (P), Kevin Hoffman (OF), Matt Jaquez (SS) All-Region IV All-Stars; Jaquez and Broitzman continued their careers at St. Ambrose College.

Portrait of Matt Jaquez (SS), 2005.  Jaquez earned All-Region IV All-Star status in 2005.  Photo by Jon Cunningham.Portrait of Kevin Hoffman (OF), 2005.  Hoffman earned All-Region IV All-Star status in 2005.  Photo by Jon Cunningham.Portrait of Jeremy Broitzman (P), 2005.  Broitzman earned All-Region IV All-Star status in 2005.  Photo by Jon Cunningham.WCC Athletic Hall of Famer Lance Surridge about to burst from the plate after making a hit, 1996.  Photo by Jon Cunningham.Assistant Coach Mark Hernandez, P/DH Lance Surridge, and Head Coach Dave Randall hold the NJCAA Division III National Championship Runner-Up trophy.Chiefs 1B is about to make a catch while the opponent attempts to slide into the plate.  Photo by Jon Cunningham.Team portrait of the 1996 squad which finished as the Runner-Up in the NJCAA Division III National Championship.A Chiefs pitcher is photographed from behind the plate with ball in mid-flight.  Photo by Jon Cunningham.A Chiefs player at the plate about to swing.  In the background, the score is 2-2 in the 7th Inning with 2 outs, and 2 strikes, making this an important moment.  Photo by Jon Cunningham.Chiefs hurler Joey Yager about to put the ball into play, 1993.  Photo by Jon Cunningham.Portrait of Gregg Chione (OF), 1986.  Chione earned All-Region IV All-Star honors following the 1986 season.A black and white portrait of Jeff George (RHP), 1986. George was an All-Region IV All-Star in 1987, and was signed by the New York Mets.Portrait of Chris Hess and Jim Nichols, 1986.  Hess earned All-Region IV All-Star status as an outfielder in 1987, and has been inducted into the WCC Athletic Hall of Fame.  Jim Nichols earned NJCAA Academic All-American status in 1985.

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