2011-Present: The New Campus

This new campus, a 132,000-square-foot facility located at 18 S. River St., officially opened on June 1, 2011. This campus overlooks the Fox River and abuts the Aurora downtown riverwalk. More than 9,000 students walked though the school doors in its first year. This facility provides all necessary student services, allowing students to do everything from registering for classes and obtaining financial aid to completing their degree. Waubonsee looks forward to continuing its rich and progressive collaboration with the city of Aurora, working to serve citizens in positive ways.  

This panorama shows the site the New Aurora campus was built on.  The campus currently occupies space where the parking lot is in this image.  This panorama was assembled by the Archive Center from photographs taken by Adam Punter.The facade of the new Aurora campus.  This photograph was taken by Adam Punter, from the stairs to the riverwalk.  The new Aurora campus viewed from across the Fox River.  Photograph by Adam Punter.A photograph taken from the roof of the Hollywood Casino across Galena Boulevard.  The Early Childhood Center's playground is visible just right of center.  Photograph by Adam Punter.A sign showing the construction site of the new campus.  The old campus is visible in the background, to the immediate right of the tall building in the center.  Photograph by Adam Punter.

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